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Jan Blechschmidt

Jan mainly works in the area of predictive analytics. In addition, he specializes in implementing algorithms as a microservice using Docker and Kubernetes.

Jonathan Bob

Jonathan applies his many years of experience in consulting and his expertise in databases and SQL to his work at INWT. In addition, he implements software projects in R and automates processes using Docker.

Sebastian Cattes

Sebastian is an expert in time series analysis and Predictive Analytics. He not only supervises machine learning projects, but also focuses on software development with Python and R. In particular, he contributes his expertise in the implementation of APIs.

Milan Flach

At INWT Milan engages in Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery issues with Jenkins, Docker and AWS. Data Wrangling and Data Analytics with R and SQL are also a central part of his working routine. Milan holds a PhD in geo­informatics.

Amit Ghosh

Amit has longtime experience as a data analytics consultant. He is an expert for IT questions and AWS. Amit is co-founder and managing director of INWT. Beforehand he built up and headed the statistical consulting unit at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Michelle Golchert

Michelle specializes in DevOps and automation with Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes. Her work also focuses on software development and data engineering with Python as well as web development with vue.js.

Marcus Groß

Marcus is an expert in statistical modeling and machine learning. He holds a Ph.D. in statistics and specializes in Bayesian models. His work also focuses on natural language processing, fraud detection, and time series analysis.

Mira Céline Klein

Mira’s work focuses on software development, predictive analytics and automated reporting in R and Python. She also has a passion for agile project management. Mira holds master’s degrees in psychology and statistics.

Andreas Neudecker

Andreas is Solutions Architect at INWT, specializing in automation and deployment with Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes. Besides that he has a soft spot for interactive visualizations with vue.js and D3.js. As a trainer he spreads his knowledge about DevOps and R programming.

Antonia Runge

Antonia supervises projects with a focus on fraud detection. She develops software and apps and is mainly concerned with intuitive design and data presentation. She brings in her extensive expertise in data visualization with Shiny.

Marina Runge

Marina has gained longtime experience as a Data Science consultant. Her work focuses on modeling and predictive analytics, as well as software development with R and Python. Besides her work at INWT, Marina is doing her Ph.D. at Freie Universität Berlin in the field of small area estimation.

Guido Schulz

Guido’s passions are data visualization and software development. He also has a weakness for web development with vue.js. His work focuses on reporting and data wrangling with R and Python.

Sarah Wagner

Sarah is an expert in databases and data wrangling. She has contributed to numerous projects in the area of online marketing and develops software with R and Python. She also specializes in reporting and visualization with Shiny and vue.js.

Steffen Wagner

Steffen focuses on the topics of predictive analytics, online marketing and customer relationship management. In addition to his many years of experience in Data Science consulting, he works as a university lecturer of statistics and R programming. Steffen is co-founder of INWT.

Sebastian Warnholz

Sebastian is a software architect at INWT. He holds a Ph.D. in statistics and focuses on data warehouse solutions and process automation with Docker, Jenkins, and AWS. Specialized in DevOps, he works at the interface between software development and Data Science.