Measurably increase sales:
Steffen calculates how TV
advertising can help an online
fashion retailer generate more


A passion for statistics:
Sebastian organizes your data.


Expertise that pays off:
Marina and Jonathan
refine projections for upcoming
Bundesliga matches.


Always searching for the best model:
Our staff looks at how the various methods of calculating customer value measure up to one another.

Data Science – INWT Statistics

What we do

Your company is sitting on a treasure. A treasure you probably didn’t even know existed.
Your data.
We can unlock this treasure trove of data and use it to build added value.


After a thorough consultation, we prepare a custom solution based on your objectives – one that produces tangible results and measurable success.


We make data quality the top priority. We extract the valuable pieces of information from your data.
We structure, cluster, and translate the data for you.


Our model-based methodology enables us to provide you with meaningful insights into your customers, your products, and your company.


We deliver data science solutions that work. Our customized algorithms are implemented in high-performance software that continuously improves your business.

Who we are

INWT Statistics is a continuously growing data science company. Since 2011 we have been developing custom solutions that help our clients get the most from their valuable data. As one of the first companies specializing in data science, data analytics consulting, and predictive analytics, we are pioneers and committed practitioners: Our mission is to make the world simpler and more understandable for you. INWT Statistics consists of a diverse and passionate team of highly specialized professionals. We combine extensive, hands-on expertise in statistics with the latest scientific methods in informatics, psychology, physics, mathematics, and economics. Honesty, integrity, and adherence to the highest standards are the hallmarks of how we work and how we serve our clients. In numerical terms, our 16 employees have – combined – 85 years of experience, 162 successfully completed projects, 7 PhDs, expertise in 10 scientific fields, and some 190,000 lines of code under their belts.


Why choose Us


Profound Knowledge

Our team has a strong background in statistics. Plus, we bring bundled know-how, best practices, and lots of outside-the-box thinking to the table.


Extensive experience in consulting and in data analytics and programming has honed our understanding of what’s essential.


An honest, highly motivated, and transparent team is at your service – one committed to building a trusting, long-term relationship with you.

High Standards

We love what we do. So we’re never ones do things halfway. Our goal is always to create the best solution for you and your business.

Lifelong Learning

Thanks to our scientific curiosity and continuous further development, our expertise is always expanding.


We concentrate on what we do best: data science. And we never lose sight of what you want to achieve with your project.

Our Partners: