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Data Science with R

Training courses for companies

The data age is well underway and today affects nearly every aspect of our lives. In the business world, companies amass large amounts of data. It costs money to store this data, without providing any immediate benefits. The challenge is to not simply collect data, but to filter it intelligently and use it productively to gain insights and optimize decisions and processes. This requires expertise and experience. Our training programs and courses are geared toward data scientists and designed to impart core competencies.

Data science training courses for companies: Learn real-world applications and catch up with the latest research findings

Transforming the latest research findings into business applications is an important part of our day-to-day work. Many of INWT’s experts lecture at universities, and our clients benefit significantly from the proximity to science, research, and teaching. In our data science training courses for companies, we give your employees step-by-step instruction on how to handle data and show them the real-world applicability of the course content. Courses begin with a lecture on how to properly collect data and then cover topics such as data analysis and data presentation. In addition to this foundational knowledge, we impart an understanding of the most important statistical models and provide a thorough introduction to programming with R. We cover as much theory as necessary to enable you to implement your own projects independently and competently. For real-world applications we use and teach the R programming environment.

We currently offer the following data science modules as open courses: R BasicsStatistics with R, and Programming with R. These modules are, of course, also available as closed courses – you can send an inquiry here. Do you have specific ideas about what your course should cover? We’ll be happy to provide you with a customized offer.

Optimize processes and make better decisions – With our data science training courses

Seize the opportunity to get a step ahead of the competition by implementing data-driven decision making. Optimize your internal processes – whether it’s marketing campaigns, supply chain management, or human resources planning. We’ll help you develop workable solutions that address real-world needs and move your company decisively forward.