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Data science plays a more prominent role today than ever before. In order to gain insights from your data and to optimise decisions and processes, data scientists need extensive know-how in the areas of data acquisition, data processing, analysis, modelling, deployment and monitoring. With that, the most crucial things for productivity of a team are experience and best practice.

Our Boostcamp, designed for data science teams, consists of data science best practices and coding training. The Boostcamp aims to promote project-relevant competences and best practices for the implementation of data science, machine learning and software development projects. Our data science Boostcamp consists of several training modules, which have been developed based on our own long-term experience. In particular, we share our best practices for the daily data science workflow that will boost your projects and team work to the next level.

INWT Boostcamp: Highly practical relevance and technological competence, as well as current knowledge from cutting-edge research and science

In our Boostcamp we teach you how to write production-ready code. The requirements in production are much higher than those for interactive use. The data science training cover topics such as version control, automated ETL processes, continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD), dockerization/microservices or cloud technology. In our training you benefit from our extensive and long-standing practical experience in comprehensive projects for various industries as well as from our scientific expertise. On the one hand, we rely on established and well-tested methods, but on the other hand, we always use up-to-date and thoroughly tested new technologies and methods to complement our data science portfolio. For us, it is crucial that new technologies and methods both offer real added value and are robust enough for practical use. Quality is the measure of all things. Many of our team members have years of experience as trainers in companies or have teaching experience from university.

We currently offer the following data science trainings:

  1. Version control with Git and GitHub
  2. Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  3. Containerization with Docker
  4. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

These modules can be flexibly combined. Furthermore, we constantly create new modules. Everything we offer as training, we also hand over internally to new team members during onboarding. Do you have any idea of how your individual data science training should look like? We would be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

Optimise processes and data science workflow - with our data science trainings from the INWT Boostcamp

It is comparatively easy to set up your own data science team. However, high-quality work depends not only on the training of the team but also on its experience. This is exactly where our data science boostcamp comes in. In our data science training we do not waste time with basics that can be learned elsewhere, but focus on best practices in projects and the interactions of people, methods and technology. This way your team becomes productive and efficient fast, while avoiding typical mistakes and producing better results. You benefit from our extensive project experience as external data science consultants. We support you in developing functional solutions for practical applications, thus decisively boosting your team and thus your company to the next level.