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You successfully carry out your own data science and machine learning projects, but need a competent contact person when things get tricky? With our many years of experience, we help you to avoid mistakes. We provide you with the know-how to finish your projects on time and with the best possible results. Through our open consulting approach a transfer of knowledge takes place, from which you also benefit for future projects.


You currently lack the capacity or the know-how to implement data science or machine learning projects yourself? With INWT you have found the right partner - we take care of your open projects. As part of a data science project, we develop a tailor-made solution in close consultation with you and your IT / data warehousing team, which you can also operate in-house. So you not only get an optimal result but also the sovereignty over your data.


You have implemented a convincing business idea as SaaS solution and built up in-house expertise in sales, marketing, IT, etc. In the backend, you use a predictive algorithm that slowly reaches its limits. With our comprehensive and up-to-date know-how, we take your algorithm to the next level and pave the way for new growth.

Studies and Reports

In statistics often lead several ways to the goal. It is therefore not only about finding the best solution for a problem, but also to document it comprehensively and comprehensibly and to defend it against criticism. Due to our academic background, we also have extensive experience in this area and have created a wide range of statistical studies and reports for companies (in particular the approval of procedures, compliance of algorithms with legal provisions), public authorities and research institutions (participation in studies and publications).

Due Diligence

You want to invest in a company whose unique selling proposition is based on a proprietary algorithm and are not sure which market potential is actually behind it? Take advantage of our market and method knowledge. As part of a business evaluation, our experts evaluate the algorithm used and build a benchmark based on common best practice standards.

Personnel Selection

Not every company needs an entire data science department. Frequently, appropriately qualified data scientists are searched for interdisciplinary teams or projects. It is often challenging to formulate the requirements for the job posting (which method knowledge is actually needed?). It is equally difficult to assess the qualifications of the candidates in this regard. We can take over this part in a call for tenders. This way we can help to avoid wrong decisions in the area of ​​human resources, which are often the cause of the failure of in-house projects.

Your Data Science Team

You can also confidently put into our hands the development of an entire data science team. We support the entire process: starting with the strategic conceptual component (collecting the requirements, which skills are needed?), From the accompaniment of the personnel selection to the training / qualification of the team. If you want to start quickly, our consultants can step in temporarily until a position is filled and hand over tasks step by step, eventually.


Do you need a kickstart to use your data productively? You want to get the know-how to implement your projects internally? Our Boostcamp training courses can teach you and your employees to handle data independently, step by step and with a high level of application relevance. We will get you ready for your data science projects and share our internally-developed best practices for the daily workflow with Git, Docker, AWS, Jenkins and Co. Get in touch with our data scientist experts today!

Workshops and Talks

Would you like to give your team a new impulse in the field of data science or machine learning? Interested in what Data Science can do for your business? Talk to us about your ideas and we will give you answers to these and other questions during a workshop or keynote speech.

Expert Service for Media

You are an editor and you want to make sure that your story is statistically watertight? Do you need a contact person for quantitative topics? In the past, we have often worked as a contact for media, e.g. in the context of the Bundestag elections. We are also happy to help you with an expert interview or background information. In addition to the comprehensible prepared theory for the readers, the visualization of results is also part of our range of services.

Scientific Advisory Board

Your company faces the challenges of digitization and deals with new technologies and algorithms. For this constant transformation process, are you looking for a strategic companion to assist you with experience and knowledge? Our experts accompany you on your way to a "Data Strategy", provide important impulses and support you in distinguishing trends from hypes and realistically estimating potentials.

Supervision of Theses

Your company is constantly looking for fresh knowledge and new minds? Do you rely on young talents who are motivated to start working life? Why don't you get to know potential employees and their way of working as part of a quantitative thesis? We not only support the topic selection but also accompany the students during the research, analysis and writing phase. In the course of this, we use our university cooperations.