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Kick-start a Productive Full-stack Data Science Project

Price at € 12,000 - 28,000 depending on project templates (excl. VAT)

Bring a Data Science Project Live Within 3 Months

This is a fixed price project with clear results and milestones that match the client’s timely demands. The prerequisites are that specifications must be clearly defined, tasks must be clearly communicated, and desired product features must be clearly specified. With these specifications, our project leads can comfortably guide the project in a timely and efficient manner that guarantees full transparency and assures high product quality.

Kickstart Your Data Project

  • Data Preparation and Validation: Choose relevant data that fits the business requirements and project specifications. Commit to data wrangling, cleaning and validation.
  • Modeling and Optimization: Choose the relevant modeling strategies for your business. Compare different predictive models to optimize predictions for your KPIs at hand.
  • Testing and Implementation: Deploy the model into your business environment or let us host it on AWS in-frastructure for 6 months. Implement without disrupting your current workflow, and measure the performance and the value-add of the model.

Available Project Templates

Choose your business cases from our project portfolio templates:

  • E-Commerce Fraud Detection: Reducing e-commerce fraud efficiently with our customized algorithms. We train algorithms identify "suspicious" orders so that you can steer trust policies and payment methods according the predicted fraud risk. Our classification model decides independently and in real time whether an order must undergo additional security checks during the purchase process. (€20,000 net excl. VAT)
  • Churn Management: The cost of acquisition for new customers often tremendeously exceeds the costs to prevent churn. With our CRM data based churn prediction models, we enable you to identify customers at churn risk at a very early stage so that you can proactively address them with tailored marketing campaigns. (€ 22,000 net excl. VAT)
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Our model detects unprofitable customers using our inhouse customer value metrics, their entire purchase history, as well as estimates of future purchases. Our model enables you to swiftly identify profitable customers and concentrate your acquisition efforts on interesting customer groups with high CLVs. (€ 28,000 net excl. VAT)
  • Staff Capacity Planning: Using our capacity optimization model applied to call-centers, long-term forecasts of the time interval for expected incoming calls can be detected. The improvement of forecast accuracy leads directly to an improved cost savings and the demand forecast provides insights for HR to reliably plan personnel capacities. (€ 18,000 net excl. VAT)
  • Predictive Customer Journey: Using data-driven advertising for online marketing, we developed an algorithm that determines the purchase probability for a specific internet user in real time, and then allows bids to be controlled for the advertising and optimize conversion rates. (€ 12,000 net excl. VAT)
  • Supervised Customer Segmentation: Do you know your customer segments? If not, using customer data and supervised clustering analysis, our model buckets customer types in demand-oriented manner with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, and at the same time improving marketing strategies for each customer group. (€~28,000 net excl. VAT)

Core Benefits

  • State-of-the-art Solution: Implement best-in-class business tech solutions by leveraging the information stored in your already existing databases.
  • Full-Stack Project: We provide a well-rounded array of IT SaaS solutions including data integration, data validation, modelling, automation, and dashboarding.
  • Hosting as SaaS or on Premise: Difficulties implementing external projects into your organization? No worries, that’s why we can provide hosting of the completed project for 6 months at no additional cost, so that your organization can test the project and measure the added value before completely integrating it into your business.
  • Knowledge & Code Transfer: We provide smooth handover to your data and IT team with full transparency, no black box algorithms. Being our client, you will receive best practices and expert advice from our seasoned statisticians and programmers so that your data team can improve in the long run.
  • C-Level Strategy Workshop: We offer long-term data vision and strategy workshops that allow corporate leaders to coordinate their roadmap to their digital transformation.
  • Discounts: For subsequent projects based on an already validated database we grant discounts reflecting the reduced data preparation and validation efforts.

Who We Are

INWT was founded in 2011 as a university spin-off. We are a full-stack data science consultancy and specialize in data science software solutions. We combine extensive, hands-on expertise in data science with the latest cloud technologies to build reliable software systems. Transparency, integrity, and adherence to the highest quality standards are the hallmarks of how we work and build relationships with our clients.

INWT in Numbers

INWT currently has 18 employees, adding up to more than 100 years of experience, 217 successfully completed projects, 7 PhDs, expertise in 10 scientific fields, and more than 300,000 lines production R and Python code under our belts. We host dozens of micro services, including dashboards, REST APIs, databases, batch jobs and event driven real time analytics applications for our clients. Our services respond to more than a million requests per day, process hundreds of GBs of data daily and utilize state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

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